Bahrain Internet is a pioneering Internet development firm that is dedicated to creating its own digital technology and portals.

Bahrain Internet is an Internet development initiative, with a portfolio of premium domain asset holdings. We incubate and develop of our own Internet companies, internet portals and technology. We are committed to pioneering internet businesses in Bahrain and beyond.With a vision to set up a digital world free of disorder, Bahrain Internet focuses on a promising and vibrant future on the Internet.

  • Our Idea

    Our Idea

    We have an elevator pitch. We plan to execute a proven concept in a growing market. Bahrain Internet seeks to develop its domain asset holdings comprising a portfolio of premium generic domains cutting across all sectors including, e-commerce, social forums, online news media, entertainment, e-payment, luxury fashion, technology, online ads and recruitment.
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    “To make the next-generation World Wide Web the most creative” Through this vision, we strive to offer the broadest assortment of domains for the Bahrain site owners. We understand that a right domain means a relevant domain, which in turn, means being search-engine friendly. Our professional team, therefore, always assembles more and more domains to accommodate an increasing number of old and new sites.  This is our constant effort, 24×7!
  • Our Values

    Our Values

    Transparency: We do not believe in hiding things from our customers or partners. It is perhaps our duty to reveal everything fairly before establishing any commercial relationship.   Consistency:  We believe in dealing professionally and effectively. We restrain from using a different strategy for different partners or customers for giving the same solution.   Comprehensiveness: We always give full and factual details to anyone who comes approaching us. Nothing is left intentionally while communicating or dealing.

Here, at Bahrain Internet, we take great pride in the people that we decide to hire, which is also one of the main reasons why success has been here ever since we started out.

With this in mind, our management team consists of a few specialized individuals, each with an area of knowledge and with a lot of experience.

Adam has started running Internet domains a couple of years ago and has since invested in a lot of businesses. When starting the company out, he had a view of an Internet project that would consist of a good number of domains, all put together in order to give clients the opportunity to invest, create sites, but also buy and sell.

Jackson has quite a good portfolio, mainly thanks to the fact that he has been doing marketing for a large number of companies, before settling down to the Bahrain internet project. At this moment, he is in charge of the marketing team and is putting in a great amount of effort to get the business even more popular than it is at this moment in time.

Josephina, who was here since the start, is in charge of the customer support team. There, she has the job of representing the firm in all discussions with their clients, but also to make sure to solve any problems that may arise for various reasons.

When it comes down to having an Internet project at this scale, there has to be someone handling the development for it all. Starting from the actual homepage of the business, to everything that it is capable of doing at this moment in time are areas of expertise that Samuel works in.

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